What’s happening in the Casa, winter 2016

Hello friends of Casa de los Amigos!

We are happy to greet you all this holiday season while we draw near to the December parties and new beginnings. We hope that you and your family are well and enjoy this moment together.

Thank you for your patience in receiving our communications, since in the last year the staff of the Casa has changed, with a tripling of the external volunteers that help us currently. In the photo above, some of us send you a cordial greeting from our garden.

With much enthusiasm, we have plotted out goals and projects that we are certain will help the Casa offer a major service to the world. We seek to be even more conscious, clear and active in how we accomplish these missions and testimonies. Here we have divided our work in six areas:

  1. Hospitality (temporary housing to individuals, groups, and conferences, and the maintenance of our building)
  2. Human Mobility (migration and work with solicitants of asylum, refugees and displaced in conjunction with United Nations and Central Mennonite Committee)
  3. Economic Justice (the sale of products for small cooperatives of indigenous Mexican towns that produce locally and education about alternative economies)
  4. Volunteer program (offering an opportunity for learning in how to serve the community and be actors of change)
  5. Management of Peace and Quaker Spirituality (securing that the fundamental values of Quakerism can be active in our daily work and inspire us to create a better world)

In this moment we have many visitors in the Casa that are migrants or refugees, from Cameroon, Nigeria, the Congo, Iraq, and Jamaica. We are looking for the best ways in which to support them in their steps adapting to life in Mexico. The organization that shares our space, IIPSOCULTA, with their project APOFAM (Popular Assembly of Migrant Families), is working in alliance with the Casa de los Amigos to commemorate the International Migrant Day, the 18th of December. This is especially commemorative this year due to the anticipated crisis of deportations from the United States.

We are very grateful for the help and support that we have been given for this work; it is a blessing for all those that we serve.

It was a year of reflection on what’s passed and anticipation of what is ahead.

Our sixtieth anniversary in October was an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the years of service, fun, and relationships that have formed the unique experience of the Casa. There were discussions, art projects, food (of course!), a talent show, and a lot of dancing in this event that brought us together.



We are underway on a project to care for and fortify our building that has served us for sixty years, but we have so much! Already the Casa was the home and study of the muralist Jose Clemente Orozco, and was constructed by the no-less-celebrated Mexican architect, Luis Barragán. It is especially important that we preserve this part of our Mexican heritage.

Restoration and repairs of the Casa.

The repairs to ensure the upkeep of the Casa include the walls around the patios of the Casa in the new fresco style. We can undertake this thanks to the generosity of the San Diego Friends Meeting – thank you, Friends! The next step in process is to make a barrier to the humidity that rises in the walls. This is a costly procedure, but it will be efficient in the long term. We also have to restore our tiles on the façade of our building facing the street. To help us conserve our historic building, click here to donate.

Please, let us know if you know of other sources of funding!

These are some of our annual events that are dear to our hearts:

The 12th Traveling Group of Central American Mothers stayed in the Casa during the third week of November, embracing the mission to find their migrant sons and daughters and calling attention to the violence and mistreatment that migrants suffer.

The Annual, Traditional Christmas Carols was on December 11th – our songs in Spanish and English united us as a happy community.

December 17th we had our Posada, the theme of this party was to remind us “to find homes for those that need refuge.” This has always had a special resonance with our work here in the Casa, since we already preserve space for migrants and refugees. One more time, please come if you can!

This, of course, does not describe all the events we had, all the community we shared, all the occasions of peace, and the education and inspiration that were part of the experience in the Casa. Please come to be with us when you can.

Please visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/casadelosamigosdf

We have many needs right now, especially in the support of the maintenance of our building and our programs. Please, put yourself in contact with the director, Marco Antonio López Galicia, “Toño,” with any question or suggestion that you have: direccion@casadelosamigos.org. We appreciate your help and hope to be in communication! To donate, click here.

Thank you, dear friends. See you all soon!