Volunteer Program

The Casa’s looking for full time volunteers to start soon! Click here for more info.

The Casa depends on the service of different types of volunteers to carry out the work of its programs and build a community of service and friendship. If you are committed to the Quaker values ​​of peace, justice, community, integrity and simplicity, and want to work hard with others in a diverse community, the House Volunteer Program is an incredible experience. To request more information, please write to voluntarios@casadelosamigos.org.

Full-Time Volunteers live and work in Casa de los Amigos. They work between 40 to 45 hours a week, participate fully in Casa community living, are fluent in Spanish, and are able to commit to between nine months to one year of service. Full-time volunteers help run the Hospitality Program (including the guest house, maintaining community spaces, and planning and running events), work with the Peace Programs, live in community, and share in the many other tasks and projects needed to keep our house and community healthy, safe and vibrant. Volunteers stay at the Casa for free and receive a basic food stipend, but are responsible for their own personal and travel expenses. If you are interested in volunteering at the Casa full-time, please first read the description of the full-time volunteer position, where you can also download the application.

Maintenance Volunteers usually work part-time hours or more and do not necessarily need to speak fluent Spanish. We evaluate these applications on a case-by-case basis. Maintenance Volunteers can often live and work in the Casa without a six month required minimum stay, and have either experienced skill in a specific trade, general handyperson experience, and/or some serious and dedicated tinkering abilities. They are careful, neat and pay attention to detail. Examples of specific skills the Casa can use are (but not limited to): cement work, interior and exterior painting, plumbing, electricity, masonry, carpentry, furniture repair, and general handyperson skills. We are also interested in working with people who live elsewhere in Mexico City, have any of these skills and would like to help us with a project.

XochimilcoSpecial Projects Volunteers may live at the Casa or elsewhere, do not necessarily need to speak fluent Spanish, and possess a specific experienced skill that fits in with the current needs of the Casa. The length and conditions of their work at the Casa depends on the project. For example, we hosted a computer and internet tech person upgrading our in-house network, an architect assessing the Casa’s building, and a designer working on a Casa brochure. Some skills we are looking for are in computer systems, grant writing and fund-raising, experience in Mexico City civil society, permaculture, furniture repair, library sciences, archival training, translation, and experience in making things happen in Mexico City. We are open to considering all proposals. Let us know what skills you have!

External Volunteers live elsewhere in Mexico City and usually (though not always) have developed a relationship with the Casa by attending events or having stayed here as a guest. The Casa benefits greatly from its network of external volunteers who either have a regular schedule of work with the Casa, pitch in when we need an extra set of hands, or are available when we need a specific skill or ability they possess. Examples of external volunteers that we work with are people who have the Maintenance and Special Projects skills listed above, native Spanish-language translators and copy editors, people who help plan and run Casa events, people who can sew or cook, and those simply with a willingness to come over and help out.

Friends in Residence are Quakers who live and serve in the Casa for 3-12 months under the joint care of the Mexico City Monthly Meeting and the Casa de los Amigos. Please see the Mexico City Monthly Meeting website for more information, and feel free to drop us a line with any questions.

For more information on any of these positions and to receive an application form, please send an email, to: voluntarios@casadelosamigos.org.


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