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Casa de los Amigos is the home of the Mexico City Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Quaker Meeting for Worship is held each Sunday morning at 11 AM.

Everyone is invited to come and share an hour of silent worship in the manner of Friends. Newcomers are especially welcome! For an introduction to Quakers and the Quaker Meeting, please come a half-hour early on Sunday morning.


The George Fox Library

Quakers gather together each Sunday in expectant silence, waiting upon God. They believe that there is that of God in everyone, and through quiet worship one is offered not only a sense of divine Presence and peace, but also guidance and continuing revelation. Thus, those present may occasionally rise and deliver a message to the Meeting. Sometimes the hour is completely silent, but it is not empty. The silence vibrates with God’s presence, and with the love and unity among us.

This worship is at the center of all Quaker practice and action, and has led to the Quaker testimonies for which Friends are best known: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and unity with nature. For more information about the Mexico City Friends and Quakers in general, please visit their website: Junta Mensual de la Cuidad de Mexico or email the current clerk of the Meeting, Patricia Constantino, to: popoki_nani@yahoo.com

The Mexico City Friends Meeting was founded in 1946 and is affiliated with Pacific Yearly Meeting, which is comprised of Quaker Meetings in California, Nevada, Hawaii, Mexico City and Guatemala and meets each August. Mexico City Friends also participate in the Annual Meeting of Friends in Mexico (Reunión Anual de los Amigos en México), the Section of the Americas of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, and other gatherings of Friends in Latin America.

The George Fox Library (Biblioteca Jorge Fox) is maintained jointly by the Casa de los Amigos and the Mexico City Friends Meeting. The Library has a rich collection of materials on Quakerism and religious studies, and human rights, peace and nonviolence studies. About one quarter of the collection is in Spanish. The Library is open to the public during Casa hours.

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