Lo Que Pasa en la Casa: April 2015


Many thanks to all of our participants in the Casa’s second Quaker Social Action in Mexico Learning Tour in March (first photo above). We had another great week, learning together about the work and community of the Casa with 11 Friends from all over the country.

Right before the Learning Tour, dozens of Friends also visited the Casa on their way to the Section of the Americas meeting of the Friends World Committee for Consultation in the State of Mexico. We also hosted the three-day meeting of the Committee of Friends in Latin America (see the second photo above) and organized a big get-together for all the visiting Friends on the last day of the Conference to celebrate the visit and share the work of the Casa.

Environmental Concerns.

Bike Ride. We had a great outing with volunteers and friends of the Casa riding bikes as part of our Environmental Concerns Committee, which tries to promote alternative transportation in the city among other ecological projects. It looked like rain was going to ruin the ride, but we managed to make it with only one flat tire. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

How can we be more conscious of our daily water use? Turn it into a game! The Casa’s Environmental Concerns Committee created an fun week-long game that inspired the team to be aware of our daily actions that contribute to our carbon footprint.

On a point system we were evaluated depending on our actions around the house, like turning off an unnecessary light, helping with the Casa compost, attending the Casa event “Jueves Jardineros”, using a tub to wash dishes, among others. We want to contribute by doing small actions and we invite you to take part of actions like this in your community.

Economic Justice.

This month we had the chance to visit our friends in Vicente Guerrero, Tlaxcala on two different occasions: Once to celebrate the annual corn festival and another to get to know the community and work of Vicente Guerrero with the participants of our second Quaker Social Action in Mexico Learning Tour.

In our visits to Vicente Guerrero we learned about different practices and traditions of corn, and how some multinational corporations want to erase those traditions and replace them with genetically modified seeds. We learned about Vicente Guerrero’s decades-long struggle and fight  for their livelihood: corn. We continue to look for different ways to be in solidarity with this community and the campesinos of Mexico.

Welcome New External Volunteers. We would like to officially welcome three new external volunteers: Jorge, Juan Carlos, and JT! They will be lending a hand in the work of the Casa in some different projects such as maintenance, gardening, and fundraising. Welcomes to the team!

Bye, Christel. This month our volunteer Christel will be leaving us (sad face). We would like to thank Christel for all the work and contributions she has made to the Casa, we hope you have a safe return home, and hope to see you again this year to continue working together. We already miss you!

A New Workshop. Our volunteer Sol has created an awesome project here in the Casa… a food workshop! Each session considers a different food tradition (bagels… Salvadoran pupusas) and gives participants a chance to learn about history and has a hand-on element of actually making recipes. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming workshops.

Special Events.

CineMoneda: Noche de Cine, Convivencia y Conciencia. This month we will be showing the German documentary in conjunction with the Goethe Institute and the Red Tlaloc: Master of the Universe. Dialogue in German with Spanish subtitles. Thursday April 30th, 6:30 pm

Introductory Workshop to Alternatives to Violence Project. All are invited to participate in the next basic Alternatives to Violence workshop held here in the Casa by PAV Mexico, A.C. 24th, 25th, and 26th. It will be in Spanish. The tools learned and experiences gained in AVP/PAV build a culture of peace in our homes, workplaces and communities. These workshops are used around the world in places of conflict. We also promise the workshops are highly interactive and fun! The group uses exercises and games to examine situations where prejudice, injustice and frustration can lead to aggressive and / or violent behavior.

The workshops focus on:
- Conflict management
- Nonviolent communication
- Affirmation and Self-Esteem
- Cooperation

For more information and to register, visit here. Please register as soon as possible and tell your friends.

A Special Event: Festival Flor de Mazahua

Thursday, April 23, 5 – 8
“Historic Celebration, A Vision for the Future”

Come on over to see:
Lovely Mazahua products
Traditional food
A chat with the producers
and more