Changes for our Coordinating Team

heatherJust this last week we said goodbye to Heather Nicholson, who has been the Casa’s Volunteer Coordinator for the last two years. The loss of Heather’s tremendous spirit and commitment to the Casa is already being felt. She was an invaluable asset to our team and community. Thanks to her, our volunteer program is stronger than ever. She’s going back to her home state of Pennsylvania with an interest in studying social work.

Heather left us with a few parting words: “It has been an honor and such an incredible experience working at the Casa, and I am profoundly grateful to everyone for having welcomed me here again in 2012. When I finished my volunteer year at the Casa in 2009, I left wanting to come back one day, but I didn’t know how or when. I’ve learned so many things here and have been a part of so many moving and lovely experiences that I don’t have the words to really express how important the Casa has been for me.”

We’re happy to announce that Bertha Peña Olivares will take over the Heather’s position on the coordinating team. Originally from San Luis Potosí, Bertha has been collaborating with the Casa for a number of years, starting as an external volunteer in 2012 and becoming a full-time, live-in volunteer in 2013. Bertha is very involved in the Mexico City Monthly Meeting. She studied law at the Instituto Tecnológico y Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. We’re grateful that Bertha has decided to continue to deepen her relationship with the Casa as a member of our coordinating team.