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Happy Holidays of Nativity and Happy New Year 2018!

HAPPY NATIVITY PARTIES! Casa de los Amigos, Quaker Center for Peace and International Understanding, wishes that the inner light, the light of the repairer, fill you with blessings and have a prosperous 2018 !!!!!!! in peace …  

We invite you to Decorations December 2, 2017!

Invitation to Christmas Carols Sunday, December 10, 2017

Casa de los Amigos and Earthquakes September 2017

Hello friends and friends of Casa de Los Amigos! We are happy to greet you. We want to share that Casa de los Amigos  is well, the earthquakes experienced on September 7 and 19 of this year were intense but the House, the staff that works, volunteers and volunteers, and in general the Quaker Community

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Annual Photo 2017

friends !!!!!!!! receive a hug in peace and friendship, this is the annual photo of the PicNic 2017. Hugs in the light.

Annual picnic and photo!

Join us for this annual tradition! Come hang out with the Casa community! This annual tradition starts in the Casa de los Amigos for a photo of everyone and continues in the Chapultepec park for a picnic and games. All are welcome! Bring a plate to share – it could be a main dish, dessert,

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