About the Casa

The Casa de los Amigos, A.C. is a Center for Peace and International Understanding founded by the Quaker community of Mexico City in 1956. We are a non-profit peace organization, a community center, the meetinghouse for Mexico City Friends, a social justice-oriented guest house, and a home.

The Casa’s work continues to be rooted in the Quaker values of community, equality, integrity, non-violence and simplicity.

The practice of sincere hospitality, rooted in recognizing the human dignity of each person, is at the core of Casa de los Amigos.

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Our Board & Staff
  • Marco Antonio López (Mexico) Executive Director
  • Lis Reséndiz. (México) Responsible for the Hospitality Program
  • Gaby Chávez. (México) Coordinator of the Human Mobility Program
  • Joaguína Flores Caballero. (México) Responsible for Economic Justice
  • Miguel Ángel Lomeli Avalos. (Mexico) Coordinator of accounting and Administration


  • Alberto Hernández. (Mexico) Responsible for the management of Quaker Peace and Spirituality
  • Audrey Anna Elliott (E.U.A) Volunteer
  • Juan Torrico Soliz. (Bolivia) Volunteer
  • Christel Jorgenson (E.U.A.) Volunteer


  • Sara Valadez, Cleaning Team Coordinator
  • Noemí Ríos Acosta, Cleaning Team
  • Blanca Cevallos, Cleaning Team
  • Paula Cova, Cleaning Team

And many other volunteers!

Board of the Casa de los Amigos A.C.

Francisco Javier Lagunes Gaitan (President), Mexico City
•Juventino Barrera (Member), Mexico City
•Claudia Caballero (Member), Mexico City
•Patricia Constantino Casas (Member), Mexico City
•Rosa Marta Soto Talonia (Member), Mexico City
•April Wilson de Gutierrez (Member),United States of America

•Jesús Casillas del Río (Member), Mexico City

•Peniley Ramírez (Member), Mexico City, Cuba
•Rubén Otamendi (Member), Mexico City
•Roger Bellami Roque (Member), Mexico City
•Nadia González (Member), States of Morelos, México
•Jennifer Barry (Member), Mexico City
•Juan Pablo Estudillo (Member), Mexico City
•Oscar Torres (Member), Mexico City