Casa de los Amigos and Earthquakes September 2017

Hello friends and friends of Casa de Los Amigos!

We are happy to greet you.

We want to share that Casa de los Amigos  is well, the earthquakes experienced on September 7 and 19 of this year were intense but the House, the staff that works, volunteers and volunteers, and in general the Quaker Community of the House we are well.

We share that the House has provided support in these difficult times to victims, migrants and refugees and others who have required support to receive food, support and food in the House.

At this time we have provided shelter and support to victims, migrants, refugees and people who have required psychological support, thataatological support and legal support for their losses.

The Quaker Community of the House and the team, made available to the people who needed it the following inputs:

1. Free breakfasts for those who require it.

2. Logistics space for Brigadists.

3. Shelter space for people who require it in the House Facilities.

4. Space of rest for who needs it.

5. Support in containment in loss and mourning with Tanatologos of the Mexican Institute of Psychooncology.

6. Support Crisis Containment to people who need it.

7. Light, water and food to anyone who requires it to the best of our ability.

We also formed a support brigade with volunteers and the director of the House to provide support to the brigadistas who attended the situation in the City.

You can have a look at our Facebook page:

As a result of the earthquake we require your support to receive donations. Please contact the director, Marco Antonio López Galicia “Toño”, with any question you may have: We appreciate your help and hope to be in communication! To donate click here.!Para donar has clik aquí.